Camcoil Systems is a machinery supplier to the steel industry. We develop and  sell single machines and complete production lines, handling everything from simple modifications to comprehensive projects.

Our product range is based on our modulized reeling system and focuses on customized production solutions.

The Camcoil reeling system has a unique, patented design that provi­des easier functionality than conventional winding system. Our products are designed to simplify production, thereby saving time and effort for you as a customer.

We take on full responsibility for a complete system delivery. To ensure that we are a reliable partner through all phases of a project we make sure that we have the right experience and skills within our company. Of course, you can also ask us to perform limited modification assignments or optimization of existing products. No matter how you want to use our competence we guarantee that you will work with a fully committed team with broad technological expertise.

Cooperation is a key word for us at Camcoil Sys­tems. We solve problems and we work in teams, together. Everyone has their own important role in the project. We also enjoy working very closely together with our customers. Simply, it gives the best results. We look forward to proving ourselves to you.