Lindab Steel AB invests in new technology

Lindab Steel AB invests in Camcoil Systems Sweden new technology to minimize damage done to the material in the coiling process. The coiler is delivered and in full operation at Lindab in Grevie.


  • We are very satisfied with the product from Camcoil and the product deliver the results we expected, says Patrik Brogstam production manager at Lindab Steel AB.


  • The development and commissioning of the coiler has been done in close cooperation and with an open dialogue with Lindab. This has been important prerequisites in order to be able to reach the high expectations from Lindab and ourselves, says Peter Wigarthsson VD at Camcoil Systems Sweden AB.


  • That a quality leading company such as Lindab is satisfied with our coiler is a strong and positive rating. We are confident that this will generate increased sales both nationally and internationally and we already have advanced discussions with other swedish operators. I have a feeling that no one wants to remain with the old problems, says Håkan Nilsson sales manager at Camcoil Systems Sweden AB.


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