Complete production

Camcoil Systems take on full responsibility for a complete system delivery. To ensure that we are a reliable partner through all phases of a project we make sure that we have the right experience and skills within our company.

Construction and Product development:
In our case this means making a careful feasibility study, or concept design, to capture the full extent of the assignment. Regardless if it’s about optimizing an existing design or developing something new, we have the resources and the tools to find the right solution.
Project Management:
Our project managers play an important role in leading, coordinating and reporting on all activities and functions. Good project management is the key to an effective solution and the prerequisite for achieving project targets. Once we have managed a project to a successful conclusion we make a careful evaluation together with the customer. We always want to learn more.
Manufacturing and Assembly:
We deliver a complete, finished product and we take full responsibility for our delivery. That means starting up operation and making sure everything works as expected. We won’t leave until you are satisfied. We also provide technical documentation, risk analysis and CE labelling. We want you to trust us and what we deliver, all the way from concept to final product.
Automation Systems:
All machines and mechanical systems need some form of energy supply and control system. We make sure these systems work and that there is harmony between mechanical parts, control system and automation. The starting point is always identifying what the machine or system is to perform. That involves listening to what the customer expects in terms of performance and automation.
Cooperation is a key word for us at Camcoil Systems. We solve problems and we work in teams, together. Everyone has their own important role in the project. We also enjoy working very closely together with our customers. Simply, it gives the best results. We look forward to proving ourselves to you.