BÖHLER-UDDEHOLM Precision Strip AB, visual inspection line

BÖHLER-UDDEHOLM Precision Strip AB Munkfors, Sweden, is a leading supplier of precision strip steel for a wide range of applications, from surgical instruments to flapper valves.
In August 2013 became the fifteenth Camcoil coiler delivered for the visual inspection line in Munkfors. The story with Camcoil and BÖHLER-Uddeholm began back in 2003 when the first reel from Camcoil was delivered and that BÖHLER-Uddeholm now has an additional Camcoil reel is clear evidence of Camcoils advantages compared with conventional coilers.
The visual inspection line is also used as a display facility to customers.

Camcoil reeling system:
• Recoiler
• Strip gripper
• Paper winder
• Strip support arm
• Coil remover

Technical specifications:
Strip width: 50 – 400 mm
Strip thickness: 0,100 – 1,00 mm
Max. coil diameter: 1600 mm, included interleaving paper
Coil diameter: 500 mm (480-510mm)
Capacity: 4700 kg
Production speed: 0 – 100 m/minute
Brakes: Electric brake in the engine and gearbox