Wijo AB chose Camcoil Systems Sweden AB

Wijo AB is a company that specializes in the manufacture of roof drainage systems mostly in coated sheet steel. The company is included in the Icopal-group and has about 30 employees and has an renevue of about 110 millions.

The current coiler in the slit strip is old and require much maintenance and lacks the ability to active edge control. Wijo has now chosen Camcoils unique coil which reduces the damage in material and is fitted with an active edge control. The facility is complemented by braking system equipped with Camcoil Eco-drive. Camcoil Eco-drive further increases the profit margin and is a part of Wijos work to reduce its enviromental impact. The facility will have a capacity of 7 tons and will be delivered in the winter of 2016.

  • We chose Camcoil beacuse they have a unique innovative solution that will enable us to increase our slit strips general quality while increasing serviceability, says Mikael Pettersson VD at Wijo AB.


  • It is good that an innovative company such as Wijo quickly chose our innovative solutions to solve known problems in the industri. The whole affair has gone very fast from first contact and we have worked constructively together to develop a concept that perfectly suits Wijo, says Håkan Nilsson sales manager at Camcoil Systems Sweden AB.


  • This affair is a result of our innovative technology development and our business model to deliver ready-made complete solutions to the industri, says Peter Wigarthsson VD at Camcoil Systems Sweden AB.



For more information contact:

www.camcoil.se                                                                                                                        www.wijo.secamcoilwijo-logo